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Our instructors hold international titles, hall of fame recognition, and even world records! Most are on the Canadian National Martial Arts Team. All current instructors seen teaching and assisting have a minimum of 5 years of experience at Shamuon Generation of Martial Arts. They are First-Aid and CPR certified. This training is mandatory for all instructors to ensure a safe and fun environment for our students and spectators.

Our instructors look forward to teaching you the art of Shaolin Kung-Fu.

The Family

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

This is where SGMA all started. A family with a passion and love for martial arts. Everyday we commit ourselves to becoming better martial artists helping others do the same. No challenge is too tough. We've got you.

Sibok Tom


Tom Shamuon

-Hall of Fame Inductee

-World Title Champion

-Director of Team Canada

Silvana 3.jpg


Silvana Shamuon

-2x Guinness World Record holder

-Multi Title World Champion

-Hall of Fame Inductee

Rena we need your pic.jpg


Rena Shamuon

-20 year Team Canada Volunteer 

-Honorary Black Belt

-Heart and Soul of SGMA

Sifu Lorenza


Lorenza Shamuon

-Olympic Qualifier

-Hall of Fame Inductee

-Multi World Title Champion

Sifu Julian


Julian Shamuon

-3x World Sport Karate Champion

-Hall of Fame Inductee

-Owner of Hotshot Athletics

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