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About Us


We are a family owned club whose family members play active roles in the daily operations of the club, whether it be through instruction or administration. As a family unit, we take great pride in creating a welcoming environment for our students, visitors and instructors.


Whether you are a beginner trying your first free trial lesson, or just about ready to go for your black belt, you are considered family and as such, given the encouragement and support to be the best that you can be.

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At Shamuon Generation of Martial Arts, we love tournaments. We believe that knowledge and practice can only progress the student to a point. It is only through competition that a student can truly realize their abilities and work towards becoming better.


Our first goal is to make the student comfortable with their abilities and not put them in a situation where they get discouraged. Before any competition, we prepare our students physically and mentally for the challenges they will face.

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Professional Athlete Level Training

Not only do we love tournaments. We are very good at them. Our instructors have coached numerous students to achieve entry into the Olympics, consistently win gold medals on global stages and dominate provincial circuits. We pride ourselves in being able to provide coaching to take students as far as they want to go.

Shaolin Kung-Fu

As a family, instructors and students train through 7 coloured belts (White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown and Black) learning Shaolin Kung Fu. The movements of attack and defense are based on the Five Animals of Kung Fu being Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Snake and Dragon.

While in training, students will focus on forms, sparring, weapon techniques and self-defence. The degree of difficulty and type of training a student receives depends on their belt colour.

Before a student may progress to their next belt, they will be graded on their knowledge of all techniques, forms, and weaponry they have learned up until grading day. With every new belt comes added forms and techniques the student must learn.

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