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Student Resources

This page is dedicated to helping our students with the little things. Here you can find how to tie your belt, martial arts terms you should know, as well as where you can download and submit homemade form templates!

Submitting Forms

Before submitting any forms or documents please appropriately label them with your FULL NAME, the date, and the name of the project or form being submitted.

(eg. Bruce Lee Homemade Form 11-11-2022)

Homemade Form Template

Here you can download a template that you will need to complete your homemade form on.

How To Tie A Belt

If you don't know or don't remember how to tie yours or your child's belt. You can follow along with Sifu Silvana in the video attached below.

Martial Arts Terms

There are lots of Martial arts terms and sometimes it can get confusing. Hopefully these videos will help you with some of the basics. If there is ever a term you don't understand you can always ask us!

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