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All Ages

This Generation Martial Arts curriculum program is curated for all ages. We have created this program for all students wanting to learn Extreme Martial Arts. Extreme Martial Arts is a combination of Gymnastics and Martial Arts. This program is designed to allow our students to explore acrobatics while in a safe environment. 

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Why Choose GXM?


What you want to get out of this class is up to you and adapted for all skill levels.This is a class that you can use to push yourself every week and excel as much as possible or show up and get a casual sweat on with your friends. 

New Heights

This program will improve the function of your bodies flexibility and strength and teach you to do aerial maneuvers you never imagined you could perform all within a safe environment designed to help you grow while giving the you the tools and guidance to perform these techniques safely.


Meet peers and make friendships that last a lifetime. From instructors to students we pride ourselves on operating a facility that encourages and cultivates community and friendship. It's one of the reasons we have, the amazing community that we have.


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