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Teen & Adult Program

Ages 13+

This Generation Martial Arts curriculum program is curated for all teens and adults. Unlike the children’s programs, this program is designed to focus on Martial Arts cardio workouts and self-defense in both a recreational and competitive capacity. Our program is designed to work with your body, not against it. For those who believe their past injuries that may hinder their ability to join our program, know that we will continue to push you to be better but we will do so within your limits. Individuals often join for the ability to take care of their body and mind. These Martial Arts fitness classes help you towards these goals; increase your flexibility, strength and your overall health. 

We will teach you how to defend yourself, help with weekly workouts, meet new people, relieve your stress and exercise your mind.

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Why Choose Teen & Adult Kung-Fu?


 Many of our defensive styles teach peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution skills and emphasize the importance of avoiding a physical altercation. However, we also prepare students to defend themselves when peaceful resolutions are simply not an option.


This program will improve the function of your bodies flexibility and strength and improve your overall cardio vascular health. You will be able to improve your fitness while learning the art of Kung-Fu. Our instructor will give you the tools to unlock the full capabilities of your body.


Meet peers and make friendships that last a lifetime while you advance through a belt system. From instructors to students we pride ourselves on operating a facility that encourages and cultivates community and friendship. It's one of the reasons we have, the amazing community that we have.


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