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Date: Saturday June 1st, 2024

Location: Rim Park

2001 University Ave East, Waterloo 

Online Registration

This contest is sanctioned by an organization recognized by the Province of Ontario
This is a martial arts event sanctioned by Karate Ontario

Competition Agenda

Opens at 8:00am

9:00 am - Black Belts
10:00 am - 6 & Under All Belts
11:00 am - All Remaining Colour Belts


Registration Fees

Pre-Registration Fees:

$60 for 1 event

$10 for each additional event

(Excluding Trad Challenge)

$50 for Trad Challenge

At-the-door Registration Fees:

$70 for 1 event

$15 for each additional event

Spectator Fees

$10 for spectators 12 & older

$5 for spectators 5-11 years old

Free spectators 4 & under

No Refunds

Pre-registration due by May 24th, 2024

Tournament Information

  • Competitors must compete at the age they were on January 1, 2024

  • Please confirm with your instructor which belt category to enter. Divisions are by belt level, not experience level

  • Competitors may chose to move up an age and/or rank division but cannot move down

  • Traditional Weapons - Non tapered bo

  • Creative Weapons - No releases, no music

  • Open - Releases allowed, music optional

  • Competitors must supply their own music player

  • We have the right to split and combine divisions due to size

  • If only 1 competitor in a division, they may chose to receive the 1st or move up a division

  • Light contact to the head allowed. Excessive contact can lead to penalty point or disqualification

  • Safety Equipment (Head Gear,  Mouth Piece, Gloves, Kicks, Groin Protection (for male comopetitors)) is MANDATORY in ALL SPARRING DIVISIONS

Colour Belts

Age Category
Sparring (Girls)
Sparring (Boys)
Open Weapons & Forms (Music Opt.)

Black Belts

Age Category
Trad Weapons
Creative Weapons
Open Forms & Weapons
Trad Forms
Under 150lbs Sparring
151-185lbs Sparring
185lbs & Up Sparring

Para Martial Arts & Trad Challenge

Division Number
Division Category
Division Name
Trad Challenge
18 & Over Black Belt
Trad Challenge
17 & Under Black Belt
Para Marital Arts
18 & Over All Belt
Para Martial Arts
17 & Under All Belt


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