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Rena Shamuon




Years Working

Favourite Form:

Ni Pi Po

"If you try hard anything is possible"


Rena has been a part of the Martial Arts world for over 40 years alongside her husband, Tom. Her love for her family and their boundless passion and devotion to the sport drove her to surprise her husband and kids with the facility in 2006.

She is the foundation, the heart, and the love of the facility.

A few places to find her:

  • Sitting behind the front desk

  • Giving treats out to the kids

  • Sitting amongst the parents

  • Greeting people on the way in

  • Making everyone’s day better



She currently oversees all the administrative duties as well as coordinating students and events. She has been a part of the Canadian National Martial Arts Team since 2003 taking on the role of staging and organizing the competitors during the International Congress of Martial Arts tournaments.


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