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Kids World Records 2023!

Extremely proud is an understatement!

4 of our Elite Jr Black Belt Generations went big following Sifu Silvana and Sijay Hannah's footsteps and attempted to break a Kids World Record this past Saturday (July 22nd, 2023).

We can officially announce, they are successfully KIDS WORLD RECORD holders!!

Sihing Ethan and Sijay Kayleigh hold the Kids World Record for Most Martial Arts Kicks Done By A Pair in 1 Minute (13 - 16 year old)

Sijay Georgia May holds the Kids World Record for Most Roundhouse Kicks In 1 Minute (13 - 16 year old)

Sijay Navilyn holds the Kids World Record for Highest Unassisted Martial Arts Kick (13 - 16 year old)

Sijay Georgia-May and Sihing Ethan have been training with us for 10+ years and Sijay Kayleigh and Sijay Navilyn have been with us for 7+ years! How amazing is that dedication?

We're already looking at all the World Record possibilities for even more of our students! Keep an eye out for more updates on new attempts!

Thank you to the Waterloo Region Record on the amazing article highlighting these amazing achievements!

We did say we were home of the World Champions, Hall of Famers and WORLD RECORD HOLDERS!

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