Generation Xtreme Martial Arts

Generations extreme martial arts is a style that takes traditional Kung Fu, and blends it with gymnastics to create whole new forms and limitless combinations. Putting a whole new flare on the martial arts, students will take what they learn in the GXM program to create a form and put it to music to learn either for themselves or to go out and compete with at tournaments in the open musical divisions.

Youth GXM (Ages 4 - 13)

Novice Youth Program

In beginner GXM students will take the basic fundamentals that they have acquired through the Kung Fu program and begin to apply them to form the basic skills of GXM. In the beginner program, students will learn the GXM floor basics such as simple spins, jumps and techniques incorporated with kicking and punching movements. Beginner GXM is the perfect start to becoming a skilled extreme martial artist and a superior martial arts acrobatics practitioner.

Intermediate Youth Program

In order to graduate into the Intermediate GXM program, students will have needed to complete all of the requirements for white belt and yellow belt in the GXM system and reach the rank of orange belt. This will mean that every student in the intermediate program will have a more developed sense of proprioception (sense of where the body is in time and space) as they perform their jumps, spins and techniques. These fundamentals will then be built on to create the platform on which they will develop more advanced skills in order to begin learning martial arts based acrobatic movements such as the 540 kick, pseudo aerial and backflip. At this point, students will also be applicable to begin learning their own personalized GXM form to music of their own choice. They will learn this form in choreography to their music as well as name their form whatever they like and eventually, through practice, begin competing with it.

Advanced Youth Program

The final class in the GXM system, students must have put in a significant amount of practice and dedication to their skills development in order to proceed into the advanced GXM class. Students will have gained significant knowledge in how to create maximal force in their jumps as well as an even greater sense of proprioception in order to perform the more advanced level acrobatic movements. By this point, all students will have landed many of the fundamental tricks and will now be working on advancements to each such as 540 → 720, backflip → flashkick/x-out, pseudo aerial → aerial hook etc. Students will now also begin to put these advancements into their GXM forms incorporating their Kung Fu training alongside their GXM acrobatics to create a hard hitting extreme form that can compete at the highest level of competition for the extreme martial arts. To be in the advanced program requires discipline, skill, and undying dedication. These skills are what are continually reinforced and built upon through every step in the GXM program, and this is why at Shamuon Generation, the GXM program is second to none. .