Sifu Collin Fischer

Collin started training in the martial arts at the age of 11 in 2002, with the Shamuon family, under the direction of Sibok Tom Shamuon and has been in the martial arts for over 13 years.

He has competed in many tournament systems including the PMA, WKA, and Tour Canada. In at the end of 2007 Collin Ranked number 1 in Ontario in the 15-17 intermediate sparring division for the PMA with accumulated points.

Collin is a member of the Canadian National Martial Arts Team and has competed in various international competitions. In the 2006 Goodwill Games in Dominican, Collin returned home winning a gold medals in traditional forms and sparring and a silver medal in traditional weapons.

In 2007 at the Goodwill Games, Collin returned home winning bronze medals in traditional weapons and forms, and silver medals in traditional chanbara and sparring.

In January 2009 Collin traveled to Cuba for the International Congress of Martial Arts International Games returning home a Kyu Belt triple gold medalist in traditional forms, traditional weapons and sparring.

In April 2010, Collin was graded for his Adult Black Sash

Collin enjoys volunteering his time to teach young and aspiring, up and coming martial artists so that they may become great martial artists some day.

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